Frequently asked questions

Is it as good as ready-mix?

Volumetric mobile mixers have been around for over 30 years, and have been used in every application imaginable. The concrete that they produce is equal in every way to that delivered by barrel trucks, and will often exceed the stated strength of the mix design simply because it is fresh.

What are water reducing admixtures?

A Water-Reducing Admixture is an admixture that either increases slump of freshly mixed concrete or mortar without increasing water content or maintain slump with a reduced amount of water— we at Mobile Ready-Mix Supply use two different water reducers at no cost to you.

What tools will mobile ready-mix bring with to my job?

We will furnish you with a aluminum screed board, bull float, magnesium hand float, and a helpful driver at no extra cost to you.

How far do your chutes reach?

Our concrete chutes reach out from behind the truck from 12 to 20 ft depending on the truck, all so our trucks are equipped with 120 degree hydraulic swing augers with 270 degree swivel chutes. This means we can actually pour concrete in front of our truck duels as well as over 10 ft to either side.